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Virtual Reality
for STEAM learning and technical training


Standalone VR Technology is pushing the limits of what is possible in the classroom


Impossible Environments

Updated Equipment

Concept Reinforcement


Bring the world to your classroom  with EduReality's virtual environments that deepen learning immersion. Educators can offer a unique window into inaccessible, dangerous, or exotic environments. Best of all, cleanup is as easy as the press of a button.


Train students on state-of-the-art machinery. With our virtual activities, students can learn skills on industry standard equipment. Our simulations are built to allow failure, making learning through trial and error risk free and cost effective for the first time.


Give every student the information that they need to succeed. Our simulations offer built in guidance and information to help students learn without need for constant instructor oversight. Experiments can be repeated in class, or the night before the big exam!

What We Build

Our Virtual activities are built for dynamic, on the go learning. Our library of interactions is optimized for accessible standalone hardware like the Meta Quest 2.

So far, we have built powerful experiential learning tools in subjects like:

Hands & Machine.PNG


Students bend and break aluminum beams to study how material properties affect a specimen's reaction to bending and tensile forces.


Empathy + Social Impact

The best problem solvers step into the shoes of their stakeholders and immerse themselves in the problem at hand to create the best solution. This simulation has users step into a solitary confinement cell to gain perspective on the effects of incarceration.

Screenshot 2022-11-16 193359.png

Industrial Equipment Training

Interact with industrial equipment and learn proper procedure in a safe, predictable environment



Students use elements from the Periodic table and a selection of bond structures to assemble molecules in exotic environments. Looks like someone made water on Mars!


Nature & Biology

Get up-close and personal with wild plants, animals, and fungi like never before. Users can bring to life 54 live-scale animated creatures, learn interesting facts and useful information, and try their hand at sorting each organism into the 5 kingdoms of Nature.


Virtual Interaction

All of our interactions feature intuitive tutorials that flatten the learning curve and increase comfort.


Your Activity Here

We're always forging new partnerships and our library is constantly expanding. Got an idea or need something you don't see? Contact us and let's build it together!

What We Build
What We Build
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